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City of Memphis Percent for Art Program

NOTE: Refer to this City Council Projects by District Information and Contact List in your communications with your City Council representative.


The City of Memphis Percent for Art program was enacted by the City Council in 2002 with the adoption of Ordinance No. 4934, by which no more than 1% of the general obligation bond amount to be used for construction costs on eligible capital improvement projects during any given fiscal year (not to exceed $1M) may be allocated for public art and design enhancement projects of public facilities and properties.


Artistic and cultural resources are key to the overall quality of life of a community.  Public art contributes significantly to the economic vitality of a region by developing distinctiveness within the built environment that attracts new businesses and retains native talent. In addition to providing low cost, high impact anti-blight solutions, public art also facilitates community building experiences that tell the unique stories of our city in a way unlike any other.