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Sara Good

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Mediums: Brick, Bronze, Glass, Mosaics, Paving, Sculpture, Steel

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     During the last 20 years, my sculptural work has been predominantly, though not exclusively, installation in nature.  Within this overall body are both temporary and permanent commissioned and noncommissioned works.  To add are collaborative projects, each executed through a workshop series, and gallery and museum installations expressly directed by a space-specific approach.  Furthermore, my work, always comprised of mixed materials, employs a range of spatial formats, from expansive to self-contained.  These include trailing and suspended arrangements, free-standing forms and structures, created environments, and the integration of various elements into existing wall spaces.  For me, this approach to form and space easily relates to both interior and exterior application.

     Over time, another important feature of the work has been a recurrent focus on human narratives and personal histories.  I am particularly drawn to the imprint of the "I" found in the residual evidences of body, being, and experience.  During the past decade, my work has also followed a long-standing theme of "garden", while investing in a botanical element often tied to ideas of amassment, consumption, and natural process.  Other work to date reflects my recent interest in aspects of architectural and urban form, along with a current concern for earth as form, space, substance, and agent of historical process.  And within this period I've attempted to intertwine human narratives with other larger schemes.