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Peter Reiquam

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Mediums: Bronze, Glass, Interactive, Lighting, Sculpture, Steel

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I have been creating interactive site-specific public artworks for twenty-five years. Each of my projects is a unique response to the landscape, architecture and culture of its site. My goal is to create beautiful, thought-provoking artworks of the highest level of craftsmanship, of materials that require little, or no maintenance beyond an occasional cleaning – works that inspire and entertain and that contain familiar objects presented in unexpected ways. Many of my public art projects incorporate sculptural furniture, often inspired by the neighboring architecture and local culture. The furniture installations provide a functional purpose and often include a lighting element that further enhances their utility and their visual appeal. Other projects find inspiration in the historical context of a given site. Landing Zone, for example, located near the Boeing Company’s airplane manufacturing plant in Everett, WA, takes the theme of flight to the extreme by portraying a sixteen-foot diameter flying saucer that functions as an iconic sculptural site marker and a unique plaza shelter. And Big Corn features three giant corn stalks with ears of corn nearly two feet long. This colossal corn celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of the Kent Valley, just south of Seattle. These two projects have been recognized by the Americans for the Arts-Public Art Network-Year in Review as outstanding public art projects nationwide.

I have twenty-five years’ experience in public art as an artist and fabricator and I operate my own studio, New Art Projects Co. specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of a variety of complex projects. As such I am also experienced in working with a variety of stakeholders including clients and communities, architects, engineers and trades people as well as other artists, designers and arts administrators. I have also taught extensively and would welcome the opportunity to share with interested students and community members, my ideas and working methods - how concepts are developed and how an artist can find his or her voice creating works for public spaces.


Peter Reiquam