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Mary Jo Karimnia

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Mediums: Experimental / Multi-Media, Glass, Graphics, Mosaics, Painting

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I am committed to promoting and uplifting my local art scene.

Personally, I work across media often combining mosaic, drawing and painting techniques in a deliberately playful way. Experimentation is a large part of my practice, as is drawing, and I use both ancient and up-to-date materials and techniques, pairing things like charcoal and colored glass or sparkly grout and toys.  I have large-scale mosaic work at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and My Big Backyard at the Memphis Botanic Garden and my work is carried locally by Lisa Kurts Gallery.

My art practice includes producing my own work, teaching, curating, writing, designing and volunteering.  I have a degree in Fine Arts from Stephen F Austin State University in Texas and have studied and traveled internationally in both Europe and South America.

I am a self-starter and strive for a wide variety of art experiences. These comprise of activities on both the production and business ends of the art spectrum including: Large-scale Mosaic Production of both my own design and others; Curating, Installation and Advertising for Group and Individual Shows, Gallery Shows and Charity/Art Events; Design and Execution of Mosaic Awards; Running Booths at International Art Fairs in Miami and New York; Career and Art Management of International Bolivian Artist Keiko Gonzalez; Teaching both Children and Adults in public and private settings; Art Writing; Art Editing; Professional Framing and Gallery and Artspace Assistance.