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Jared Bader

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Mediums: Mosaics, Murals, Painting

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Artist's Bio

      I earned my B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA and an M.F.A. from Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN.  

      My career in public art and mural making started in 2002 with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program when I began assisting other artists on several mural projects. In 2004 I began creating my own murals for the Mural Arts Program. I created two murals in Philadelphia including one that was painted on the side of a bridge and underpass. In 2005 I painted an addition to that mural on the underpass section of the bridge.

      In 2005 I painted a mural with the Philadelphia School District. Working with a teacher I taught an art and mural making class and collaborated on a design with the students. The students helped paint the mural that I later installed.  I was later chosen to paint two murals on the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania.  

      In 2006 I digitally created a mural that was printed onto mesh banners. Later I painted a mural for Havertown Township, PA. Finally in 2006 my design was chosen for an 85' x 100' mural. I had to lead a crew of seven artists in order to complete the mural.

      In 2007 I again worked on a mural project with the Philadelphia School District. I collaborated on a design and lead a team of students to paint a mural at a New Jersey High School. I also painted a small mural at the ICA in Philadelphia.

      In 2008 I painted a mural on two walls in South Philadelphia. I also began work on a large-scale mural project that consists of 45 four by four foot panels at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA.

      In 2010 I completed two murals in Philadelphia.

      In 2012 I created two public murals, one for Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA at the Spanish American Civic Association and one for The Temple University, Kornberg School of Dentistry.