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Jamond Bullock

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Mediums: Murals, Painting

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My purpose in life is to create and spread my artistic vision through out the world. I am born and raised in Memphis TN. I have a bachelors’ degree in fine art from LeMoyne-Owen College. My favorite medium in expressing my creativity is acrylic on canvas. I enjoy the application of several vibrant color combinations fusing together to create a masterpiece. The reason painting became my favorite medium is because it’s a much faster medium to work with than pencil. I learned that Time management is very important to an artist when it comes to getting paid for a project. Painting also helped me meet deadlines.I studied the color wheel and my outer surroundings. My favorite thing to do is to mix and match colors that would seem senseless together and create a flow of harmony. I studied great artist like Vangoah, Close, Matisse,Todd Mcfarlane,and David Garibaldi;  and combined my own twist to create my style. I define myself as a fusion of fauvism and expressionism. My style is considered to be very loose, colorful, wild , and expressionistic.  After I graduated from college in spring of 2008 I became a performance painter for special events. Performance painting transcended my speed and creativity. Painting in front of an audience forces me to complete the painting within a thirty minute to an hour time limit. I know when a painting is complete when the entire picture is balanced.  I put a large amount of feeling into the subjects I paint and I often get motivated by music. Up beat music always helps me to set the tone of my work. When I Paint a musician I capture the emotion of the musicians face. I also illustrate the music they play in the background of the canvas. I enjoy finding old black and white photos of actors, musicians, and etc. to create my own color scheme of their image. The background of my pieces are considered to be my abstract playground. People view my paintings and discover many abstract images, shapes, and sometimes words. I love it when people look at my work and say “ now that’s a Jamond Bullock piece”.