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Chris Hobe

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Mediums: Graphics, Murals, Painting

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My art is utilizes the cycles of History to create art that makes people think a little deeper than just a piece of art. I use historical imagery to create the historical representation with a contemporary street art touch. All work is composed of Acrylic/Latex/Mixed Media on handcrafted framed wood panel. My art is intended to make people think outside the box and not just go with the mainstream; to inspire people to be pioneers like the people before us and not just be content or complacent.
SHORT BIO:Orange County, CA born fine artist, and self confessed street "artist" CHRIS HOBE', also known by the underground pseudonym HOBE', creates a box for the world to think outside of. Through usage of vibrant color combinations within eclectic & historical themes Hobe' is able to create a slice of history for all buyers. Hobe's works are painted with oil, acrylic and spray paint, mixed media and applied to custom crafted wooden canvases that Chris makes by hand. HOBE's body of work stretches across the US and has been shown at several well known venues and establishments across the country.

HOBE's dogged pursuance of perfection within his various art forms has seen him travel the south extensively, looking for inspiration wherever he can find it. Currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia, HOBE's ultimate desire is to encourage the youth to achieve their greatest potential despite adversity, and to enrich the lives of others through the beauty and meaning of his art.

For more information on HOBE's ART  & ARTISTIC REVOLT please visit:
Site: art3k.comBlog: hobe3k.wordpress.comTwitter:  @artrevolts
Instagram: @artrevoltsFacebook: Chris Hobe
Phone: 770.856.3862Email: artrevolts [at] gmail [dot] com